Nanomechanics, Inc. has a dedicated team of staff scientists working to create novel testing techniques for new and existing applications. Nanomechanics, Inc. works together with our customers to assist with research efforts as well as introduce ideas for new exploration.

Our Nanoindenter has been designed to provide surface mechanical characterization data by indenting to depths at the nanometer-micron scales. Nanomechanics' nanoindenter can be used to characterize organic, inorganic, soft or hard materials and coatings. Examples are thin and multilayer PVD, CVD, PECVD, photoresists, paints, lacquers, and many other types of films and coatings. Bulk material surface mechanical characterization can also be performed on hard or soft materials, including metals, semiconductors, glasses, ceramics, composites, biomimetic and in vitro biomaterials.


Films and Coatings


Structures and Geometries