Assembly Technician

Posted 08/09/16

Nanomechanics has an opening for an Assembly Technician in Oak Ridge TN to work with our production department.  Nanomechanics is a growing company in a growing market engaged in new and interesting product development.
Nanomechanics Inc. serves customers around the world by providing instrumentation to test materials in a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive, polymers, aerospace, coatings, and batteries.  Our customers range from academic and research institutes to industrial customers who use our products to develop innovations on the nanoscale.
Job Functions and Qualifications
  • Associate’s Degree or 2 years’ experience in mechanical assembly and/or repair of mechanical or electronic devices
  • Ability to read and troubleshoot components from instructions or drawings
  • Detail oriented
  • Possess good people skills
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing
Applicants will be required and tested on the ability to assemble and solder components under a microscope.
Nanomechanics has a great internal culture with high employee retention rates.  We offer competitive benefits including health, dental, vision and 401k plans.