Graduate Students from Across the Country Attend Hands-on NanoCamp

Nanomechanics Inc., Staff
July 25, 2017


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Graduate Students from Across the Country Attend Hands-on NanoCamp

Prominent scientists Warren Oliver, Ph.D., and George Pharr, Ph.D., presented a weeklong NanoCamp for hand-picked graduate students across the United States

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. – July 25, 2017 – Nanomechanics, Inc., a high technology instrument company comprised of world-class scientists and engineers with unparalleled expertise in materials science, precision mechanical design and advanced instrumentation software, hosted 20 selected doctoral students at their headquarters in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, July 10-14, for their first hands-on NanoCamp.

NanoCamp is part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that Nanomechanics received in 2014. Each NSF proposal must include a science component and broader impact component. Through this grant, NanoCamp was developed. In addition to educational sessions and hands-on training, Nanomechanics provided transportation, housing and meals for the attendees during the weeklong camp.

“Our goal for NanoCamp is to provide the most current information to the graduate students working in this field and enable them to engage with pioneers of the industry and ask questions on these topics,” said George Pharr, Ph.D., professor at Texas A&M University. “We also want to provide hands-on experience to lead them into the next generation of nano science.”

Each day, the student were involved in morning lectures on theory followed by hands-on experience with Nanomechanic’s nanoindentation equipment. Students were broken into groups of four to increase the hands-on training they received.

“One thing that has surprised me about nanoindentation is how broad the applications can be,” said Wesley Higgins, material science and engineering Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University. “It includes everything from testing a NASCAR tire to make better tires for a race to bone samples to help the future of health care.”

Nanomechanical science has developed over the last three decades as the technique of choice for measuring the mechanical properties of thin films and other small volumes of materials.

“The hands-on experience at NanoCamp has been incredible,” said Ashton Etan, material science and engineering Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University. “We would not have been able to perform these tests and get this type of experience in the typical classroom setting. This training will assist us with writing our dissertations while doing our Ph.D. research.”

Nanomechanics plans to host the NanoCamp again next summer. In order to continue to the valuable hands-on experience, the attendees will be limited to 20.

“NanoCamp has taught me that smaller is stronger and sometimes, smaller science is better science,” said Higgins.

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