Nanomechanics, Inc. Service Lab is changing testing techniques

Nanomechanics Inc., Staff
January 17, 2017

Nanomechanics Inc. offers clients an extensive array of cost-effective nano-scale indentation and nano-mechanical testing procedures through our internal Service Lab. The tests, performed by the company’s in-house analytical laboratory, enable Nanomechanics Inc.’s Service Lab to provide comprehensive results that conform to the industry’s highest standards. The Nanomechanics, Inc. Service Lab is changing testing techniques for nano-scale testing by offering these services on-site at the Nanomechanics, Inc. headquarters in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Service Lab services offered by Nanomechanics, Inc. provides industries and universities a wealth of information designed to assist with research and applications. The Nanomechanics, Inc. Service Lab offers contract testing services that are covered by non-disclosure agreements for our clients to maintain the integrity of the data that is procured. In addition, Service Lab technicians are thoroughly trained in mechanical testing, materials science and advanced engineering techniques.

Nanomechanics, Inc. Service Lab

The Service Lab testing process includes direct discussions with clients to assess the scope of their individual needs, requirements and goals. From there, Service Lab testing proceeds through an array of testing methods designed to produce results that conform to the client’s objectives. After the data is collected, Service Lab technicians are available to provide further recommendations and ongoing testing as necessary.

“Our Service Lab is designed to offer our clients the most advanced testing methods available,” said Kermit Parks, Vice President at Nanomechanics Inc. “Our commitment to quality allows our Service Lab to be able to bring new capabilities for nano-indentation testing techniques to clients in a variety of industries to advance their own particular needs and requirements.”

Testing that is undertaken by the Nanomechanics, Inc. Service Lab includes the following:

Nanoindentation Testing

  • Young’s modulus
  • Complex modulus as a function of frequency
  • Hardness, including Vickers and Knoop hardness
  • Yield stress
  • Fracture toughness
  • Geometries: bulk materials, thin films, coatings
  • Alternate environments: in-fluid, in-vacuum, high-temperature
  • Popular applications: low-k films, energy storage, properties for FEA analysis

Other Nano-Mechanical Testing Available:

  • Scratch and wear
  • Particle crushing
  • Pillar compression
  • MEMS performance
  • Micro-beam deflection

In addition, the Nanomechanics, Inc. Service Lab offers custom nano-scale testing procedures and techniques that fit outside the categories described above. If you would like to learn more about the Nanomechanics, Inc., Service Lab and our capabilities, please visit the Service Lab page on the Nanomechanics, Inc., website for additional information or contact Nanomechanics, Inc. online or via phone at 877-386-6262.