Bringing the World Together: Nanomechanics Inc. to Host Science and Technology Forum in China

Nanomechanics Inc., Staff
February 28, 2017

Nanomechanics Inc. is headed to China to bring together Asian and North American scientists at the 2017 International Nanomechanical Science and Technology Forum.

Nanomechanical science has developed over the last 30 years as the technique of choice for measuring the mechanical properties of thin films and other small volumes of materials. The forums will give attendees the chance to engage with pioneers of the industry and learn the most current information on the field.

The free forums will be held in Taipei on Monday, March 13, Beijing on Wednesday, March 15, and Shanghai on Friday, March 17. Attendees will achieve theoretical and practical knowledge about contact mechanics, the Oliver-Pharr method, dynamic indentation, thin-film modeling, and best practices.

Professors in material science, research and development scientists of private sector companies, and any scientists, students or private sector companies that deal with nano composites, bio materials, metal alloys, plastics and polymers, are encouraged to attend the forums.

Dr. Warren C. Oliver, president at Nanomechanics Inc. and co-developer of the Oliver-Pharr method, will present Recent Advances in Materials Characterization Using Instrumented Indentation Tests. Three new instrumented indentation techniques will be discussed. They include high temperature, high strain rate and two-dimensional testing.

Dr. Yujie Meng, business development manager, Asia, at Nanomechanics, Inc., will be presenting Nanomechanics: Unbridled Innovation. In this discussion she will cover how the products, key technologies and technical expertise can benefit research.

Additionally, professor Qiang Guo will present Strengthening and Toughening Mechanisms in Graphene-al Nanolaminated Composite Micro-pillars, professor George M. Pharr will discuss Measurement of Power Law Creep Parameters by Nanoindentation, and professor Qunyang Li will deliver Understanding and Tuning Frictional Properties of Graphene at the Nanoscale.

Seating is limited to 50 people per day. To register for the 2017 International Nanomechanical Science and Technology Forum, visit