Core Technology

Nanomechanics, Inc. provides a variety of tools for use in mechanical properties testing in both vacuum and ambient environments. At the core of every system is our Inforce 50 Acuator, InQuest Controller and Inview Software, featuring the power of Dynamics. All of our devices and software are designed to be modular, easy-to-use and high-performing.

InForce 50 Nanomechanical Actuator

The Nanomechanics InForce actuators utilize patent-pending voice-coil force generation and capacitive displacement measurement to achieve the best dynamic range in the industry.
With 50mN of force, the InForce 50 enables a wide range of compressive, tensile and nanoindentation testing. The dynamic characteristics of the head mean that low-noise, stability and closed-loop control are inherent to the design, whether operating in quasi-static or dynamic modes.

• Displacement measurement: capacitive gauge

• Displacement range: 50 microns

• Displacement resolution (electronic): 0.001 nm

• Typical noise < 0.1 nm

• Load application: coil/magnet

• Maximum Load: 50 mN

• Load resolution: 3 nN

• Typical Noise < 50 nN

• Loading column mass: < 150mg

• Typical indenter normal stiffness: 180 N/m

• Damping coefficient: 0.05 N-s/m

• Typical resonant frequency: 140 Hz

InForce 1000 Nanomechanical Actuator

The Inforce 1000 nanomechanical actuator is a force generation mechanism combined with a displacement sensor commonly used for nanoindentation testing. The force is generated electromagnetically. The displacement is sensed capacitively. The specifications are:

• Displacement measurement: capacitive gauge

• Displacement range: 80 microns

• Displacement resolution (electronic): 0.04 nm

• Typical noise < 0.25 nm

• Load application: coil/magnet

• Maximum Load: 1 N

• Load resolution: 6 nN

• Loading column mass: < 5 g

• Typical indenter normal stiffness: 200 N/m

• Damping coefficient: 0.1 N-s/m (in air)

• Typical resonant frequency: 15 Hz

InQuest High Speed Controller Electronics

Nanomechanics’ InQuest Controller provides quasi-static and dynamic control in the same compact footprint enclosure, which can be run by laptops or all-in-one computers. InQuest can acquire data at speeds up to 100 kHz. With an industry-leading dynamic range, displacement ranges of over 50 microns can be measured with precision below 0.05nm.

Specifications include:
• Data Acquisition Rate: 100 kHz

• Closed Loop CPU Control Rate: 500 Hz

• Time Constants: 10 μs and higher Learn More

• Dynamic Excitation Frequencies: 0.1 Hz – 1 kHz

InView Control Software & CPU

The Inview Software provides for all aspects of instrument control, test design, reporting and data manipulation/analysis of nanoindentation testing. A high performance CPU is included, which interfaces with the controller via USB. Integrated video-synchronization is included on InSEM and NanoFlip Instruments, which maps acquired data to video images from the SEM.


Dynamics superimposes an oscillatory force on the Actuator load signal and measures the resultant displacement oscillation to provide a continuous measurement of the measured stiffness of the system. This data can be used to determine a continuous modulus or hardness or a continuous contact stiffness during a nanoindentation test. The ability to operate at different frequencies, load amplitudes or displacement amplitudes allows the use in a dynamic- mechanical analysis mode to provide storage and loss modulus and tan- delta.