Structures and Geometries

Nanomechanics nanoindentation systems allow for the precise testing and characterizing of a vast array of geometries from MEMS to Pillars to Microsheres, allowing researchers to gain an unprecedented amount of information about their performance and properties. Accurate targeting and ultra sensitive force actuators allow for a level of exactness unmatched in the industry, unlocking new information and data from microstructures and allowing novel approaches to difficult testing procedures.
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Nanomechanics’ systems are uniquely positioned for characterizing MEMS materials and devices. High-resolution tests measure the Young’s modulus and hardness of component materials, and the very same device is used to measure structural stiffness and friction coefficient. Whether your application involves switches, sensors, or microscopic actuators, Nanomechanics has the nanoindentation tools for complete mechanical characterization and optimization.


Microscopic pillar-compression tests give the entire stress-strain curve for a material on a microscopic scale. Nanomechanics’ NanoFlip is the only commercially available FIB-to-test platform. First, the sample stage is oriented for making the pillars by focused-ion-beam milling (FIB) within a scanning-electron microscope (SEM). Then without opening the SEM, the sample stage is “flipped” for in-situ testing of the same pillars. Video from the SEM is shown during the test and automatically synchronized with the mechanical test data.


Microspheres have myriad uses in modern life. Hollow microspheres are used to lower the density of manufactured materials. In electronic packaging, metalized polymer microspheres are packed together to created flexible, reliable connections. Glass microspheres are incorporated into paints to enhance appearance and mar-resistance. With specific hardware and test methods, Nanomechanics’ instruments become small-scale compression testing systems which are used to measure the Young’s modulus, yield, and fracture strengths of microspheres.


Microscopic cantilevered beams enjoy broad usage as actuators, sensors, and test structures for measuring material properties. Nanomechanics’ systems have the sensitivity and dynamic range to fully characterize these small structures. If your application is unique, we can design a custom test method with the desired actuation, measurements, and results.


Fibers increase strength and reduce the weight of many modern composites. Nanomechanics’ systems are used to perform high-resolution tensile tests to measure the stress-strain curves of individual fibers as small as 1 micron. Testing may be done within an SEM, with video from the microscope automatically synchronized with the mechanical test data.