Systems That Set Us Apart

From iNano nanoindenter to the InSEM product line, our products can address the nanoindentation needs of industry and academia.

InSEM Systems

The InSEM is a tool for characterizing the mechanical properties of surfaces or structures, which is designed to function with sub-nanometer resolution in an in-situ vacuum environment such as an SEM or FIB.

The InSEM is designed to be modular and flexible, to enable a wide range of application. Port availability on SEM/FIB chambers is often an issue. We've designed the InSEM to mount to a variety of ports, or to be mounted directly on the SEM stage. As different applications call for different system configurations, the InSEM can easily be moved from one port to another, or assembled into the on-stage configuration.

InSEM System

iNano Nanoindenter

By offering the highest performing and most capable mechanical characterization microprobe on the market, at an affordable price, we offer our customers the capability to perform accurate nanoindentation testing on a wide range of materials, while remaining true to the principle of getting more for less.

About iNano

iMicro Nanoindenter

The iMicro Nanoindenter extends the range of operation by incorporating the InForce 1000 actuator into an advanced carbon fiber load frame, providing exceptional rigidity and thermal stability. The iMicro includes Nanomechanics' Dynamics system, as well as the InQuest controller and the elegant and easy-to-use InView software.

About iMicro

NanoFlip Nanoindenter

The NanoFlip Nanoindenter is designed to be the most versatile mechanical properties testing instrument on the market today, by offering researchers the option to use the tool in both in-situ environments and ambient settings.

Designed to be vacuum compatible like all instruments in the InSEM product line, NanoFlip is ideal for in-situ environments like SEMs, FIBs and vacuum chambers, using the microscopes themselves to provide imaging. When your experiments take you ex-situ, NanoFlip stands ready to perform by being able to operate under any imaging system imaginable such as AFMs, optical microscopes and optical profilmeters.

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